.Gov Healthcare History

Just taking notes on .gov healthcare performance


must review I^2 debate
-politicians coming to america
-father of canada care “crisis”

827,000 Canadians on waiting list
avg wait 18.3 weeks / 4 months from primary care to specialist
Dr. Brian Day CMA Dog under a week, 2-3 years
No Neonatal Care, not counted
Cancer survival rate – august lancet oncology 13 of 16 most prominent cancer Breast cancer 83.5% = america 70% = britain
35% more likely to survive colon cancer

Illegial, private clinics growing
June 2005 supreme court ruled ban illegal
Claude Castonguay of the Royal Commission Healthcare and the “the father of Quebec medicare” now says (4 decades later) that the current system is in “crises” and urges privatization: “We thought we could resolve the system’s problems by rationing services or injecting massive amounts of new money into it,” …. “We are proposing to give a greater role to the private sector so that people can exercise freedom of choice.”

NYT: Canada’s Private Clinics Surge as Public System Falters

“This is a country in which dogs can get a hip replacement in under a week and in which humans can wait two to three years.” – Dr. Brian Day president of the Canadian Medical Association

Outlawing private care:

“But a Supreme Court ruling last June — it found that a Quebec provincial ban on private health insurance was unconstitutional when patients were suffering and even dying on waiting lists — appears to have become a turning point for the entire country.”


WSJ: Obama Will Ration Your Health Care

United Kingdom’s National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE), a rationing system that controls government costs. NICE’s denial of care is legendary — from the arthritis drug Abatacept to the lung cancer drug Tarceva. These drugs are effective. It’s just that the bureaucrats don’t consider them cost effective.



Want a preview of ObamaCare in action? Check out the Massachusetts insurance market—which earlier this week entered a state of “market chaos” after Governor Deval Patrick denied a host of health insurance rate increases.

WSJ: Obama Will Ration Your Health Care

Costs have exploded, requiring additional tax hikes and the entire system is only possible due to sizable transfers from the federal government. The plans are so unaffordable that in 2007, 62,000 people were exempted from the individual mandate. So much for universal coverage.

The only way the Massachusetts plan will survive is with continued and increasing federal subsidies — that is, tax revenue from the residents of other states.


Medicare – cost overruns
75% of money gov controlled

Chaos in the Massachusetts Health Care Market, Peter Suderman, April 9, 2010


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