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Bush “lied” about WMD’s in Iraq

December 31, 2006

During the 2004 election campaign all I could hear was how bush lied about WMD’s. Well if bush lied, then did Kerry lie too?

Does that mean Madeleine Albright, Bill Clinton, William Cohen, Al Gore, and National Security Advisor Sandy Berger lied when they literally campaigned for war?

Did France’s President Jacques Chirac lie when he commented about Iraq: “Are there other weapons of mass destruction? That’s probable. We have to find and destroy them.”?

Did Saddam’s own Generals lie *after the war* when they said they thought Saddam had WMD’s?

After the war I read on the Moscow Times, among a few other mainstream news outlets, that Putin himself said that Saddam had tried to acquire nuclear bomb making materials from Russia. Unfortunately I do not have a link but if somebody knows the location of a relevant article please post.

A case can be made that the administration was not worried about WMD’s. According to COBRA II they simply didn’t send enough troops in to secure the power stations let alone the 900+ WMD sites flagged by the CIA. A case can be made that Iraq was not a serious threat to the US. A case can be made that we are all just a bunch of vibrating membranes in an eleven dimension universe which is only one of many universes on an astral plane. (For some added fun try saying that at your local loony bin :-D) And you can even argue that Bush ignored uncertainties in the intelligence reports. But I don’t see how it’s possible to claim Bush lied about WMD’s without calling just about every other leader on the planet a liar as well. He may have exaggerated the confidence in the intel reports. You can say that both Bush & Congress wrongfully minimized uncertainties in the reports. But does that warrant singling out Bush as a liar? (this topic only please….) And did those uncertainties warrant many of the criticism of the ousting of Saddam? If we adopt a policy of not acting until we are 100% sure then we might as well sit on our hands in the fight to stop global warming.

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