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Making Chess Interesting

December 23, 2007



And random drink recipies

Suicide Chess or Shot Glass Chaos
Fill each shot glass with different liquors. You can even go dark liquors v/s colored liquors. This game is guaranteed to be crazy!

Tequila Sunrise Chess
Fill up all the shot glasses with the tequila of your choice. Next you cut up limes for the black side and lemons for white side. Now all you need is a salt shaker and some Tylenol for the morning hangover!

Neon Shot Glass Chess
Use two colorful liquors. Bacardi Limon and Aftershock work great and the game is sure to be colorful and potentially debilitating.

Red vs. White
The wine lovers version of drinking chess. Use red and white wine.

Battle of the Brews
If you cant hold your liquor or are not up for a major hangover try filling your shot glasses with beer. Dark beer vs. amber beer works great!

Russian Drinking Chess
White Russians and Black Russians go to war on the chess board!

Team Shot Glass Chess
Spread the love, the shots and the hangover! Simply divide up into teams and fill up the shot glasses with your favorite drinks. When your piece is taken… drink!

Barf Chess
That’s right… the title is self-explanatory. The first person to puke losses! (or wins depending on how drunk you are!)

Chest Hair Chess
Scotch v/s Whiskey…now that’ll put some hair on your chest!

Jell-O Shot Chess
This version of drinking chess takes some preparation but is by far the funniest! Simply mix your favorite Jell-O shots, chill them in the appropriate shot glasses and have fun!

And something completely wrong:


Good drinks

June 16, 2007

Mahony Manhatten
2oz Bushmills
1oz sprite
juice of 1 lime wedge
over rocks
Angostura bitters?

Bitter ‘n’ Twisted
In a chilled cocktail glass mix a few drops of lemon juice, 4 drops of Angostura bitters, 25ml measure of Scotch Whisky, ginger ale to top up.

Whisky Mac,
which is scotch and Stone’s Green Ginger Wine on the rocks. Some people add ginger ale as well.

Nuts and Berries (for the ladies)
1 Oz. Black Raspberry Liqueur (Chambord)
1 Oz. Hazelnut Liqueur (Frangelico)
Half And Half Cream

Pineapple Infused Vodka
1 pineapple cut into wedges
1 handle of smirnoff orange
soak for a week, then drink.

Adios Mutha Fucka!!!!

Windex Wolverine
(recipe later)

Bloody Brain
peach schnapps
Baileys poured so it collects like a floating brain
Grenadine for blood

Baily’s irish cream and chocolate milk in 50/50.

The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse:
1/2 oz Goldschlager
1/2 oz Rumple Minze
1/2 oz 151
1/2 oz Jagermeister

Mudslide (kind of like a white russian)
1/3 kahlua
1/3 vodka
1/3 baileys
layer it in a shot glass.

Fuzzy Alligator:
Double shot of Cuervo
Single shot of Bacardi 151

Milk and Vodka
Mix milk and vodka 50/50. Add sugar to taste. Very strong and VERY good.

The Refund AKA a Bloody Stool
2oz Kahlua
2oz tomato juice
serve warm.

1 lime cut into 8 segments, (grind with pestle, whole lime remains in drink)
4 tsp. brown cane sugar,
2 oz. Cachaca (Pitu).
Lots of crushed ice.

The Royal Flush:
1/3 Crown Royal
1/3 Peach Schnapps
1/3 Cranberry Juice.

Mexican Martinis
3 oz Tequila (usually use Cuervo Silver or such)
1.5 oz Triple sec
8 oz Sweet&Sour (6 oz if you want it a little more potent)
splash of olive juice

All of the above should fit in a shaker along with a couple of ice cubes. Shake till the ice melts, then serve with a couple of jalapeno-stuffed olives.

Sudden Death:

Put a penny at the bottom of a beer glass. Fill with beer until you can’t see the penny (looking from the top). Then add Everclear (vodka if you’re a pussy) until you can see the penny again.

Bonus points if you swallow the penny.

Three Wise Men:

2/3 shot Cuervo
2/3 shot Jim Beam
2/3 shot Jack Daniels

= 1 Double shot. There are other variations – but this one is the best for unsuspecting souls. I have seen a few heavy drinkers lose their cookies after drinking these.

It goes down ok – but after a few seconds it feels like you ate burning embers.

Cement mixer –

1 shot bailey’s (or other irish cream)
1/2 Shot lemon Juice

Swish bailey’s in mouth, add lemon juice, watch disgusting face appear as the lemon juice curdles the cream.


this drink is for the obnoxious, belligerent, and irritating drunks who demand a drink when you’re bartending. Yes, it’s been given out before:
the [censored]
1 oz soy sauce
1/2 oz canola oil

Rootbeer shot
1 glass beer
1 shot of roobeer schnaps
This is actually [censored] disgusting but I am trying to follow the rules.

2oz Bourbon
splash of sweet vermouth
1 cherry
and a drop of two of grenedine (cherry juice from jar) – optional
over rocks

2oz amaretto
2oz bourbon
over rocks

Starry Night
1oz jeager
1oz goldshlager