The hardest question for antis…..

From THR:

“here’s a simple, straightforward question: Why do you find it necessary and even praiseworthy to LIE so much?”

I find this par for the course in pretty much all political debates that involve science. From smoking/cancer link, CFC/ozone, C02/climate change, Corn Ethanol/Climate Change Solution…. the list goes on and on and on. Typically I find it liars vs incompetent debaters (different than incompetent scientists) or journalists that don’t have the background to debate properly. Only occasionally is the debate polarized among liars vs skilled debaters w/scientific knowledge.

So how do you spot a liar? It’s relatively easy. Everybody makes mistakes. Honest people admit when they are wrong and make public corrections. The liars almost never admit when done something wrong. They just keep digging in. Find a situation where two parties are arguing over the mechanics/results of a repeatable experiment and the intentions of both parties should become very clear very fast.

TO DO: find examples: LS, Dan Rather, VPC, HCI, Corn, Pat Michaels..

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