BRENNAN v. U. S. POSTAL SERVICE , 439 U.S. 1345 (1978) and a Decline for the Respect of Law

Quote from Milton Friedman’s Freedom to Choose:

Pat Brennen became something of a celebrity in 1978 because she and her husband went into competition against the U.S. Post office. They set up business in a basement in Rochester, New York, guaranteeing same day delivery of the parcels in downtown Rochester at a lower cost than the Post Office charged. Soon their business was thriving.


Pat Brennen is expressing a natural human response to the attempt by other people to control her life when she thinks it’s none of their business. The first reaction is resentment; The second is an attempt to get around it via legal means; finally, there comes a decline in respect for the law in general. This final consequence is deplorable but inevitable.

Links to The Supreme Court Docket: UNITED STATES POSTAL SERVICE, Plaintiff, and National Association of Letter Carriers, Plaintiff-Intervenor-Appellant, v. Patricia H. BRENNAN and J. Paul Brennan d/b/a P. H. Brennan Hand Delivery, Defendants-Appellees. No. 476, Docket 77-6130. United States Court of Appeals, Second Circuit. Argued Dec. 14, 1977. Decided June 7, 1978.

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BRENNAN v. U. S. POSTAL SERVICE , 439 U.S. 1345 (1978)


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