Climate of Hate: Right vs. Left

On The Right

Palin uses surveyor symbols (which look like crosshairs to those who don’t know what range finding tick marks are)

On the Left

Chris Mathews

Matthews on Thursday actually showed a graphic image of the Capitol building with a red target on it and crosshairs in the foreground. – NewBusters

To find:

Talks about someone exploding Rush Limbaugh’s head

Obama Laughs at Wanda Sykes hoping Rush’s kidney fails

Necklace of ears

Michele Bachmann Should Die – Montel Williams

“So, Michele, slit your wrist! Go ahead! I mean, you know, why not? I mean, if you want to — or, you know, do us all a better thing. Move that knife up about two feet. I mean, start right at the collarbone.”

Add these quotes.

And a high profile incident that’s mostly overlooked:
James Eric Full – “Democracy Now” Radio Show January 13, 2011
New York Post January 17th 2011:

“There would be torture and then an ear necklace, with Michele Bachmann and Sarah Palin’s ears toward the end…. then Limbaugh, Hannity and the biggest ears of all Cheney’s in the center.”

Check O’reilly show for clips on hate

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