Obama’s Trip: $200 Million a Day, far more than Clinton & Bush

Via powerline:

My sources [in Russia] were amused by the flotilla of Air Force jets that brought Obama and his entourage to Moscow. They were also taken with the fact that Obama and his crew took over the Ritz Carlton hotel, where rooms start at around $1,200 per night and the presidential suite goes for $13,000. The Marriott had been good enough for Presidents Clinton and Bush. Rooms there — described as similar to Marriott rooms in the U.S. — can be had for around $350.

From the Telegraph: Coconuts removed from trees in preparation for Barack Obama’s India trip

CBS News: Obama’s Trip to India: Are Coconuts a Threat?

Via Instapundit/Tigerhawk:

“When a good history of the George W. Bush years is finally written, his breakthrough with India may turn out to be the most important foreign policy initiative of his administration. The Indian Ocean hosts lanes for the oil from the Persian Gulf and an ever larger share of its trade, and India sits in the middle of it. It is also the geographical center of transnational Islamic terrorism. It is essential that the United States maintain a strong deterrent in the Indian Ocean, and that it preserve and enhance its ability to coerce whatever clown revue happens to be governing Pakistan at the moment. India is the key to both. That Barack Obama recognizes this is to his credit. It is quite possibly the most deft foreign policy move of his administration — admittedly, a low standard — and he deserves credit for it. Let’s just hope he doesn’t apologize too much while he’s there.”

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