Obama’s Promises vs. Reality

Another growing list. I’m just keeping track of campaign promises and then comparing them to what actually happens.

Promise:Hannity & Colmes video: No more “Air-raiding villages and killing civilians”.

1 year later:

NYT’s February 14, 2010 : Errant U.S. Rocket Strike Kills Civilians in Afghanistan

Promise:Hannity & Colmes video:”I will not develop new nuclear weapons”:

1 Year Later:
From the AP: Obama Seeks Money for Nuclear Weapons Work

“President Barack Obama is seeking increased funding for nuclear weapons research and security next year, even as his administration has pledged to reduce the world’s stockpile of nuclear arms.

The administration on Monday asked Congress for more than $7 billion for activities related to nuclear weapons in the budget of the National Nuclear Security Administration, an increase of $624 million from the 2010 fiscal year.

NNSA Administrator Thomas D’Agostino said more money is needed because the U.S. needs the best nuclear weapons facilities, scientists and engineers, even as it moves toward eventual disarmament.

Promise:“Pay as you go” (more on this later)
Promise:(more on this later)

AP, Obama Seeks Money for Nuclear Weapons Work, Updated February 01, 2010

NYT, Errant U.S. Rocket Strike Kills Civilians in Afghanistan , By C. J. CHIVERS and ROD NORDLAND
Published: February 14, 2010


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