Helicopter.gov, BigBusiness.gov – It’s about pork/control, not aid

Still researching this topic but here’s a growing list of situations where giving people a federal aid/choice/transparency was shot down for political control, obfuscation and/or pork:


Michelle Malkin quote on CNN video: “Watch as White House senior adviser David Axelrod stumbles and bumbles his way through an incoherent explanation of why President Obama favors more consumer “choice” by opposing greater choice through increased health insurance competition across state lines:”

School Voucher Program:
A supposedly successful school choice/voucher program was killed by Democrats.

Stem Cells & Cord Blood

Coming soon….


coming soon….

US Steel

coming soon

Auto Unions vs. Indiana Firefighters

coming soon…


coming soon…


coming soon…


Heritage.org, Safer Kids, Better Test Scores: The D.C. Voucher Program Works, Shanea Watkins, Ph.D., June 20, 2008, WebMemo #1965
Democrats Officially Kill Successful DC Voucher Program, SusanAnne Hiller
Video: The White House opposes health insurance competition across state lines, Michelle Malkin, September 21, 2009 10:22 PM

To Review:
Wait, I thought Republicans were the party of big business?, January 8th, 2010 at 11:16 am, Dooley Womack
Lack of small business representatives in healthcare/economy meetings…..
IRS vs Small Business
Loans & small business
war on small business
“no senior member of the team — dominated by academics and veterans of big business — has ever started and grown a business.”


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