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The Tea Party – Media Portrayal, Racism and Influence

January 28, 2010

On Influence

The Tea Party movement has got a lot of flak lately and has been referred to as “some obscure tea-bagging operation.” by Columbia Journalism Review. However some events paint a different reality:

Polls From December 2009:


among those with populist or Mainstream views, 31% prefer the Tea Party, and 26% are undecided. Twenty-three percent (23%) pick a Republican candidate, and 19% are for the Democrat

WSJ/NBC News Poll @ December 2009

More than four in 10, 41%, of respondents said they had a very or somewhat favorable view of the Tea Party movemen , while 24% said they had a somewhat or very negative view of the group. ….. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party, which controls both the White House and Congress, has a 35% positive rating compared with a 45% negative rating. ….. Republicans currently hold a 28% favorability rating compared with a 43% negative one.

In Elections

Little Green Footballs points out a lot of revolutionary flags with the Roman numeral II on it.

Big Turnout:

Brown won 52 percent to 47 percent. Turnout was exceptional for a special election in January: More voters showed up at the polls Tuesday than in any non-presidential general election in Massachusetts since 1990.

On Racism

Note for future additions: black man w/ gun coverage by MSNBC, Chris Mathews asks if MA is racist?, etc….

WSJ/NBC News Poll: Tea Party Tops Democrats and Republicans, December 16, 2009, 5:00 PM ET, Tea Party Tops GOP on Three-Way Generic Ballot, Monday, December 07, 2009
MSNBC, Brown wins Mass. Senate race in epic upset, GOP victory leaves President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul in doubt, Jan. 19, 2010

NYT’s puts Bristol Palin on Sep 2nd’s page A1, A1, A1 and A19

January 10, 2010
  • Palin Disclosures Raise Questions on Vetting, ELISABETH BUMILLER, September 2, 2008
  • In Political Realm, ‘Family Problem’ Emerges as Test, ADAM NAGOURNEY, September 2, 2008
  • A New Twist in the Debate on Mothers, JODI KANTOR and RACHEL L. SWARNS Published: September 2, 2008
  • Palin Daughter’s Pregnancy Interrupts G.O.P. Convention Script, MONICA DAVEY, September 2, 2008

Hat Tip: Liz Cox Barrett @ Columbia Journalism Review

The Best Insulation: Windows, Doors, Insulation Types, etc…

January 2, 2010

Just some notes which will develop over time…

Exterior Doors
BerryDoor – “polyurethane core with 15.0 R-value ”

SeriousWindows – R7 to R11
Consumer Reports


The Future of the Dollar & The US Economy

January 2, 2010

Just some things I need to read:

New York Times, U.S. Loan Effort Is Seen as Adding to Housing Woes, PETER S. GOODMAN, January 1, 2010
Doug Ross, ‘The U.S. has no way of avoiding a financial Armageddon’, Friday, January 01, 2010
LA Times, Obama’s first year: Lofty goals, worrisome pattern, Top of the Ticket, January 1, 2010, – It’s about pork/control, not aid

January 2, 2010

Still researching this topic but here’s a growing list of situations where giving people a federal aid/choice/transparency was shot down for political control, obfuscation and/or pork:


Michelle Malkin quote on CNN video: “Watch as White House senior adviser David Axelrod stumbles and bumbles his way through an incoherent explanation of why President Obama favors more consumer “choice” by opposing greater choice through increased health insurance competition across state lines:”

School Voucher Program:
A supposedly successful school choice/voucher program was killed by Democrats.

Stem Cells & Cord Blood

Coming soon….


coming soon….

US Steel

coming soon

Auto Unions vs. Indiana Firefighters

coming soon…


coming soon…


coming soon…

Sources:, Safer Kids, Better Test Scores: The D.C. Voucher Program Works, Shanea Watkins, Ph.D., June 20, 2008, WebMemo #1965
Democrats Officially Kill Successful DC Voucher Program, SusanAnne Hiller
Video: The White House opposes health insurance competition across state lines, Michelle Malkin, September 21, 2009 10:22 PM

To Review:
Wait, I thought Republicans were the party of big business?, January 8th, 2010 at 11:16 am, Dooley Womack
Lack of small business representatives in healthcare/economy meetings…..
IRS vs Small Business
Loans & small business
war on small business
“no senior member of the team — dominated by academics and veterans of big business — has ever started and grown a business.”