Bill O’ Rights No Mo’

From the Metro:

A judge is set to reach a decision in the case of a woman put on trial for swearing at her own toilet.

Dawn Herb, 33, was cited for disorderly conduct after her neighbor, an off-duty police officer, called authorities to complain about her potty mouth. Herb pleaded innocent and went on trial on Monday in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

The mother of four does not deny letting loose a string of profanities when her toilet overflowed Oct. 11. But her lawyer, Barry Dyller, told the judge that cursing in one’s own home is not a crime.

From the Washington Post: FBI Prepares Vast Database Of Biometrics

The FBI is embarking on a $1 billion effort to build the world’s largest computer database of peoples’ physical characteristics, a project that would give the government unprecedented abilities to identify individuals in the United States and abroad. … researchers are working on capturing images of people’s irises at distances of up to 15 feet, and of faces from as far away as 200 yards. ….. “The long-term goal,” Hornak said, is “ubiquitous use” of biometrics. A traveler may walk down an airport corridor and allow his face and iris images to be captured without ever stepping up to a kiosk and looking into a camera, he said.

From the New York Times:

A newly declassified document shows that J. Edgar Hoover, the longtime director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, had a plan to suspend habeas corpus and imprison some 12,000 Americans he suspected of disloyalty. … Previously declassified documents show that the F.B.I.’s “security index” of suspect Americans predated the cold war. In March 1946, Hoover sought the authority to detain Americans “who might be dangerous” if the United States went to war.

Interesting comment from Digg:

WHEN IS IT GOING TO STOP! Damn man. I feel like all the crap i was told to be scared of with Communism as a kid is happening in my own country now

From Fox News: Girl, 10, Arrested [Charged with Felony and Suspended from School] for Using Knife to Cut Food at School

School officials say the Ocala 5th grader had brought a piece of steak for her lunch, and a four and a half inch steak knife with which to cut it. According to the report, a couple of teachers took the utensil and called authorities, who arrested the girl and took her to the county’s juvenile assessment center.

Students sitting next to the girl at lunch say she didn’t threaten anyone with the knife; she just used it to cut up her food.

The girl’s uncle, Kenneth Thomas, told MyFOXOrlando that his niece had to ride in the back of a patrol car.

This Eyewitness News (channel 9) video says she was “suspended for 10 days and faces felony charges”. Both the principle and the sheriff have the power to ignore the law and let the situation blow over. They chose not to.

Source:, Judge to decide on toilet swearer’s fate Tuesday, December 11, 2007
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Fox News, Girl, 10, Arrested for Using Knife to Cut Food at School Tuesday, December 18, 2007


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