Who Owns 500 Media Outlets: Not Many

Ever wondered who owns the media? Ever wondered why weekly standard experts appear on Fox News all the time? It’s probably because they are owned by the same person. Almost every single movie studio, newspaper, magazine and TV channel is owned by one of 10 coporations and most of the ownership resides in “The Big Six”. Many of these such as AT&T and General Electric are not limited to news and entertainment. This is what we call the horizontal integration of the media. This is a must read resource:

The Free Press has their own resource.

Resources on oil and media:

Cable TV promised competition. The same goes with a lot of print and internet outlets. If people are simply inviting experts subsidiaries are they really competing or duping us?

More to come later


December 20, 2001 (January 7, 2002 issue) What’s Wrong With This Picture? Mark Crispin Miller
Free Press, Who Owns The Media
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