No knock raids, de rigueur for more than just the police

Gunman apologizes to couple after invading the wrong apartment

New Hampshire Union Leader Staff
Thursday, Jun. 14, 2007

MANCHESTER – A gunman, who with two other men last night forced his way into a couple’s West Side apartment, later apologized to them when he realized it was the wrong residence.

“There’s no question this couple was not the target,” said Sgt. Maureen Tessier, community information officer.

The home invasion happened at 6:50 p.m.Wednesday at an address at Village Circle Way in Countryside Village, an apartment complex on the city’s West Side.

The couple’s two young daughters, ages 2 and 7, were also in the apartment when the men forced their way inside.

Police are not releasing the exact address or the couple’s names given “the circumstances,” said Tessier.

Authorities said the 36-year-old man answered a knock on the door and three men rushed inside.

One of them pointed a gun at his head and demanded to know the location of a certain individual who police did not identify.

The resident grabbed the intruder’s gun arm and pulled it down. One of the other intruders quickly moved in and repeatedly punched him in the head and then shoved him into his living room.

His 29-year-old wife, who was in the living room, then became the focus of the gunman. Pointing the gun at her head, he again demanded to know where a certain individual could be found.

The couple told them they did not know the individual and no one by that name lived there. The men then searched the apartment.

Tessier said the police report does not say where the children were in the apartment or if they witnessed the gun being pointed at their parents’ heads.

After the search, the gunman offered his apology and the trio left empty-handed through the front door.

The gunman is described as a short, black man, 30 years of age, wearing a gray sweater and white and red ball cap.

He had a glove on his right hand and spoke as if he had something caught in his throat. Tessier said the man would start to speak, then stop, and then start to speak again.

The second man is described as a 24-year-old black man, wearing a black hoodie and black jeans. The third intruder is a Hispanic man with braided hair wearing dark-colored pants and shirt.

In March, another couple was victimized by two men — one armed with a gun, the other a flashlight — who forced their way into their Park View Hills apartment at 377 Huse Road.

The intruders, like those in last night’s incident, had the wrong residence but still robbed the man of his wallet and a gold chain around his neck. The robbers claimed to be Manchester police officers in that incident.

Anyone with information concerning the home invasion is asked to call Manchester police at 668-8711.

Source:, Gunman apologizes to couple after invading the wrong apartment ,PAT GROSSMITH, New Hampshire Union Leader Staff,Thursday, Jun. 14, 2007


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