Smallest organism on earth

Just a few interesting quotes:

Researchers at Oregon State University and Diversa Corporation have discovered that the smallest free-living cell known also has the smallest genome, or genetic structure, of any independent cell – and yet it dominates life in the oceans, thrives where most other cells would die, and plays a huge role in the cycling of carbon on Earth. In nature, apparently, bigger is not always better.

a milliliter of sea water off the Oregon coast might contain 500,000 of these cells.

The new study outlines how SAR11 has one of the most compact, streamlined genomes ever discovered, with only 1.3 million base pairs

Related info:
Gallons in the ocean: 3.612 x 10²º
Milliliters per gallon: 3,785.4118
3.612 x 10²º * 3,785.4118 * 500,000 = 6.836 x 10^29 cells could fit in the ocean

Bigger Isn’t Always Better based on an Oregon State University release

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