Eye witnesses: Only 23% accurate in DNA exonerations

This quote speaks for itself:

On Monday, Miller became, according to the Innocence Project, the 200th person in the country to be exonerated as a result of DNA testing.

“The Cook County state’s attorney’s office joined us in asking the court to vacate [Miller’s] conviction,” said Eric Ferrero, a spokesman for the Innocence Project, a 15-year-old organization founded to help prisoners who could be exonerated through DNA testing. But how was Miller convicted in the first place? It wasn’t from physical evidence. It was from that old reliable prosecutorial standby eyewitness identification, which is frequently proving to be highly unreliable.

“Seventy-seven percent of the 200 exonerations involved erroneous eyewitness identification,” Ferrero said.

You read that correctly. Ferrero didn’t say “7 percent.” He said “77 percent.”

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