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Mormons, Mexicans and Marijuana

January 13, 2007

marijuana mcd's

Here is an interesting article on the history of marijuana. In the past you used could be sent to jail if you didn’t grow it. Gotta love politics.

Salon, Why is Marijuana Illegal?, A brief history of the criminalization of cannabis, Pete Gunther, 12/22/03


Schools = Soft Targets

January 13, 2007

Ever wonder why school shootings or rapings happen?

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police say a group of armed robbers is targeting college students, apparently because the robbers think the students are easy targets.

Police say at least nine students have been robbed in the city’s Oakland section, home to Pitt, Carnegie Mellon University and Carlow College, since early December.

During one robbery, a Pitt student was talking on a cell phone which the robbers stole, along with the student’s automatic teller machine card. The phone was still on and the robber was recorded on the student’s parents’ telephone answering machine making remarks about students being easy targets.

Nobody has been hurt in the robberies. Cash was stolen in each instance.

Most schools have strict policies forbidding guns on campus. I wonder if this has anything to do with why the robbers think students are easy targets. :-p

Associated press, Armed Robbers Targeting Pittsburgh College Students, 8:42 am EST January 12, 2007

Big Brother is Watching London

January 11, 2007

Eye in the sky

Apparently the citizens of England don’t read their own authors very much. The pupils of the eyes are the metro symbol. The poster certainly brings a certain book to mind.

The certainly do love their cameras. In a way America does too. However, in America the gas station owner owns the video. In America the shop owner owns the video. In America the people that enforce the laws are not the exact same people that are watching you 24 hours a day 7 days a week. There is in effect a separation of powers. It will be interesting to see which country’s camera system is more resistant to abuse. Only time will tell….
watchful eyes


Is Orwell rolling in his grave? Apparently Orwell’s own home and neighborhood is flooded with police owned/ran cameras.

32 in 200

According to the latest studies, Britain has a staggering 4.2million CCTV cameras – one for every 14 people in the country – and 20 per cent of cameras globally. It has been calculated that each person is caught on camera an average of 300 times daily.


And within 200 yards of the flat, there are 32 CCTV cameras, scanning every move.

Orwell’s view of the tree-filled gardens outside the flat is under 24-hour surveillance from two cameras perched on traffic lights.


There are 4.2million closed circuit TV cameras here, one per every 14 people.

And this:

Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city’s surveillance network has claimed.

The internal police report found the million-plus cameras in London rarely help catch criminals.

In one month CCTV helped capture just eight out of 269 suspected robbers.

Wired:London’s Privacy Falling Down Julia Scheeres 02:00 AM Nov, 02, 2002
Digg, Big Brother is watching: Not in 1984 but in 2002, Perry de Havilland
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BBC, 1,000 cameras ‘solve one crime’ , Only one crime was solved by each 1,000 CCTV cameras in London last year, a report into the city’s surveillance network has claimed., Page last updated at 18:27 GMT, Monday, 24 August 2009 19:27 UK

Anti-Katrina-Gun-Confiscation Passes in Virginia

January 10, 2007

Fairfax, VA – Today, Governor Jennifer Granholm signed into law a two-bill package, backed by the National Rifle Association (NRA), making the “Emergency Powers Protection Act” the law of the land in Michigan (HB 6363 and HB 6364). The new laws prevent local governments from confiscating lawfully owned firearms during declared states of emergency, as witnessed in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.

“The Second Amendment achieved an historic triumph in Michigan today,” said Chris W. Cox, NRA’s chief lobbyist. “With this signing into law of Michigan’s ‘Emergency Powers Protection Act’, law-abiding Michiganders can rest assured they and their Constitutional freedoms will not suffer the same chaotic fate as those citizens of New Orleans in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. NRA promised to fight to ensure the dismantling of the Second Amendment and the gun confiscations we saw in New Orleans is never repeated anywhere in America, and we are devoted to fulfilling our promise.”

In the first year since Hurricane Katrina, state legislatures in Alaska, Idaho, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia and Louisiana passed measures that echo the spirit of Michigan’s “Emergency Powers Protection Act”.

Last fall, the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate passed a similar federal bill with broad, bipartisan support, which President Bush signed in October 2006.

In December 2006, the Michigan bills received overwhelming, bipartisan support in both chambers, passing 37-1 in the State Senate and unanimously in the State House, 105-0.

“On behalf of thousands of NRA members in Michigan, I want to thank State Rep. Scott Hummel for his leadership and commitment to bringing the “Emergency Powers Protection Act” to passage in both chambers of the legislature. I also want to thank Michigan’s Governor, Jennifer Granholm, for signing this fundamental legislation into law,” concluded Cox.

Republican Michigander, Give credit where it’s due
NRA Governor Granholm Signs Michigan’s Emergency Powers Protection Act Into Law

Why I Enjoy Shooting Shotguns

January 10, 2007

Link to the Benelli on Google Video

Winchesters guy:

In Search of the Second Amendment

January 10, 2007

They interview a lot of law professors:

Akhil Amar – Yale Law School
Randy Barnett – Boston University School of Law
Robert Cottrol – Geo. Washington Univ. School of Law
Brannon Denning – Cumberland School of Law
Nicholas Johnson – Fordham University. School of Law
Sanford Levinson – University of Texas School of Law
Nelson Lund – George Mason University School of Law
Joyce Lee Malcolm – George Mason Univ. School of Law, Fellow of the Royal Historical Society
Joseph Olson – Hamline University School of Law Chair, Academics for the Second Amendment
Daniel Polsby – Dean, George Mason Univ. School of Law
Glenn Harlan Reynolds – Univ. of Tennessee School of Law
Eugene Volokh – UCLA School of Law

Spread the info

January 9, 2007

Pen mightier sword

A running list of ways to spread information to the public:

stumble upon

You tube
Google video

Officer Leroy Pyle on Semi-Auto Firearms

January 9, 2007

Officer Leroy Pyle debunks myths about military, assault, and semi-auto firearms. Plenty of clips of congressional testimony as well as firearm demonstrations.

A few mirrors of this video:
Youtube video
MetaCafe Video
Yahoo video
Google Video
Grouper Video

More on Officer Leroy Pyle

Why Bans on High Capacity Magazines are Pointless

January 8, 2007

Here is a video of Travis Tomasie, a man known for being extremely nice in person, performing what is called “the perfect reload”:

And here is a 6 aimed shots, a reload, and 6 more aimed shots via a revolver in 2.99 seconds.

Do you think you could rush a man in the time it takes one of these guys to reload? Dr. Susan Hupp thinks you don’t have a chance against a raging madman. She would know, she watched her parents die at the hands of a madman. This is her testimony against gun control:

Neccessary for Everyday Life

January 8, 2007

People will often say that guns aren’t necessary for every day life. Therefore we should ban guns and try to minimize the number of people that will be accidentally killed by guns. Completely ignoring the self defense aspect of guns, the reasons for gun ownership put forth by Thomas Jefferson, gun availability via the black market, etc, lets pretend that society will be better off if we ban guns. If we ban everything that is a burden on to society via accidental deaths then we must ban non-essential items that are a greater burden to society than guns are. So lets start with a list of items that we must ban before we ban guns:

Swimming pool (100x more dangerous for children)
Buckets around 5 year olds
Blunt Objects that aren’t tied down in the city centers
Bicycles & Tricycles (WISQARS: 843 vs. 649 gun deaths in 2004)
Alcohol (we tried that one before)
And high horsepower automobiles.

More to be added later……