The Anatomy of Gun Control

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The Anatomy of Gun Control (video)
The Anatomy of Gun Control
You can see it in every gun control ordinance and law
January 11, 2007
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The Anatomy of Gun Control – you can find it in every piece of legislation that blames inanimate objects and restricts the rights of the law-abiding American while ignoring the real problem. I believe one can find it in every bill or ordinance that the anti-gun lobby slides through California city councils, county boards and the state legislature. The Anatomy of Gun Control exposes itself in the light of day, if you take the time to look.

So I thought I’d take a current piece of lawmaking and illustrate by examining the very goings-on of a major California legislative body. A few weeks ago, I was forwarded a link to an online video, that of the Sacramento city council on December 5th of last year (just over a month at the moment I write this). Sacramento is in the early stages of considering 8 different gun control measures (watch the video).

If I’m right, it didn’t matter what the gun control issue was. Where gun control is being successfully foisted on California citizens, there is sure to be an unholy collboration between gun-control groups and your elected representatives, underway long before any public meetings are held. One can easily find plenty of evidence of the Anatomy of Gun Control in such situations if one only takes the time to look.

Did I find that evidence? Of course, the viewer is the judge and I defer to Your Honor. Please visit:

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