Neccessary for Everyday Life

People will often say that guns aren’t necessary for every day life. Therefore we should ban guns and try to minimize the number of people that will be accidentally killed by guns. Completely ignoring the self defense aspect of guns, the reasons for gun ownership put forth by Thomas Jefferson, gun availability via the black market, etc, lets pretend that society will be better off if we ban guns. If we ban everything that is a burden on to society via accidental deaths then we must ban non-essential items that are a greater burden to society than guns are. So lets start with a list of items that we must ban before we ban guns:

Swimming pool (100x more dangerous for children)
Buckets around 5 year olds
Blunt Objects that aren’t tied down in the city centers
Bicycles & Tricycles (WISQARS: 843 vs. 649 gun deaths in 2004)
Alcohol (we tried that one before)
And high horsepower automobiles.

More to be added later……

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