Luby’s Massacre

Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp lost her family to a mad man that killed 20 people and wounded 23 in what is known as Luby’s massacre. Suzanna Hupp had a gun with her but was forced to leave it in the truck due to anti-carry laws. Because of this Suzanna Hupp has testified at Congressional hearings against gun control. The man in the video that is slouched over and staring at the desk is Charles E Schumer, a strong proponent of gun control. This is from wikipedia:

While serving in the House of Representatives, Schumer coauthored the federal semi-automatic firearms ban in 1994 with California Senator Dianne Feinstein, which expired in 2004. The National Rifle Association and other gun groups (see gun politics) have criticized him for allegedly not knowing much about guns, pointing to various errors regarding the subject.

Schumer, a leading force in the attempt to ban guns, is shown in the picture below:

Chucky Schumer

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